The European Constitution in Verse

In 2008 and 2009 the European Constitution in Verse was by far the largest, most eye-catching project of the Brussels poetry collective. “If the EU is not going to get a political constitution, then let’s give it at least a poetical one!” That was the intention of the Brussels Poetry Collective. Together with over 50 European and non-European poets, the collective realised this magnificent project. The European Constitution in Verse is more than a frivolous revision of a political fiasco. The poetical constitution puts the discussion about the fundamental principles of Europe right where it belongs: in the public domain of free and committed citizens. The book was nominated for the 3rd European Book Prize Award. During the Passa Porta Festival 2009, the European Constitution in Verse was presented in Flagey. Following a tour of various European cities, the founders of the Constitution, better known as the Brussels Poets Collective, once again descended on the capital on the 8th of October 2010 in KVS. They were in good company, with poets from Friesland, Algeria, Spain and Zimbabwe. The Brussels Polyfolies choir provided a musical note with an alternative European Hymn.