Arne Naess

Van Reybrouck as Arne Næss Professor 2024 in Norway

David Van Reybrouck has been appointed as the 2024 Arne Næss Professor at the University of Oslo. "The Arne Næss Chair in Global Justice and the Environment is awarded annually to a scholar, leader or activist of international renown," says the website of the Centre for Development and the Environment. The Chair was named after Arne Næss, widely regarded as Norway's most influential philosopher of the 20th century, a pioneer of environmental philosophy, an avid mountaineer and the founder of the "deep ecology" movement. 

cover revolusi

Revolusi receives critical acclaim


The English translation of Revolusi, published in the UK (Bodley Head ) and Norton in the US has been very well received. The translation is by David Colmer and David McKay.


'Astounding... history at its best.'
Yuval Harari



uitreiking Scholl Preis

Revolusi wins Geschwister Scholl Preis

Revolusi has won one of Germany's finest prizes, the Geschwister Scholl Preis. That prize goes annually to "a recent book that demonstrates intellectual independence and is capable of promoting civil liberty, moral, intellectual and aesthetic courage and providing important impulses for a responsible contemporary consciousness". Previous winners include Jürgen Habermas, Victor Klemperer, Anna Politkovskaya, Ahmet Altan, Glenn Greenwald, Achille Mbembe, Roberto Saviano, Dina Nayeri and Andrei Kurkov.